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Patient Reviews

-Lynn Miller in Miles City, MT | May 30, 2017

Dr. Loyd is extremely concerned about continued good health of her clients during and after treatments. Her concern and care is incredible. She continues to further her education to give her clients the best care possible! Look no further for a top notch professional!


-Jenny in Buffalo, WY | Apr 08, 2016

I trust my entire family's health with Dr. Loyd. She is able to treat the whole body and really helps keep us well in all areas. When we do have a problem I'm always impressed with how completely she is able to treat it. For instance a few weeks ago I brought my son in with an injury to his back.  Dr Loyd worked on him and he was immediately better and with no recurrence since. I am so grateful for her help!


-Jill in Sheridan, WY | Mar 18, 2016

Dr. Loyd helped correct a longstanding problem for which other Chiropractors  could only give temporary relief. There was an evident healing process.


-BFOW in Buffalo | Mar 16, 2016

Great service friendly staff. Highly recommend their services. They have helped with me with several issues.


-Nancy Naus in Sheridan, WY | Mar 16, 2016


I went to Dr. Loyd for an neck injury and in less than 5 minutes she fixed it and it has never bothered me again. I then took by 7 year old grandson to her after being told by two eye specialist that there was nothing they could do for his vision as he had no eyesight in his left eye. We had acupuncture to clear the black line that covered most of his sight but the brain would not work with the eye . After Dr. Zo worked on him he was able to use the eye.  She is consulting with his eye Dr.


-Susie in Albuquerque, NM | Mar 16, 2016

I would like to give Dr. Zoe Loyd the highest recommendation possible. I was completely impressed. Not only did she treat my current condition, she also recognized additional problem areas and was able to help me make a few small lifestyle modifications to eliminate the source of my pain. I'm a believer!



 -Carrie Herman in Gillette Wyoming | Mar 16, 2016

During some of the most physically traumatic times in my life Dr Zoe Loyd has been my saving grace. Each visit I may be sore for a couple days but as the healing process took place I felt better and better and didn't have to seek more treatments. She is well educated with the human body and is a very, very caring person. I give Dr. Zoe Loyd five stars!


Mar 16, 2016

A true healer!


-Kevin G in Baton Rouge, LA | Mar 16, 2016

Excellent Chiropractor with skills in many areas.


-Trailblazer in BUFFALO, WY | Mar 16, 2016

I am in my mid forties and suffer from several back and neck issues from since I was 12. I have seen probably 3 dozen chiropractors in my life and Dr. Zoe Loyd is definitely one of the top . My neck is especially difficult to adjust properly and Zoe has been able to do a great job using a variety of techniques. I have been going to her for a year and feel very lucky to have such a highly skilled professional right here in little Buffalo.


-Darrin in Buffalo, WY | Mar 16, 2016

Dr. Loyd is very knowledgeable and goes to great lengths to make sure the treatment provided is correct and continues to be beneficial to the patient. She noticed irregularities that an orthopedic doctor missed on me. In two sessions I felt more relief than I had with any other treatments in the past.


Gwen in Buffalo, WY | Mar 16, 2016

My 12 year old son sees Dr. Loyd and asks to come back. She helps his neck pain and answers any of his questions. She made it fun for him and I appreciate that.

I have always found relief after visits with Zoe. She has a lot of specialized training and experience. She is consistent and the time she spent explaining what a problem is and what she is doing to help address. Above all...she is a healer who helps people...


-Steve in Clearmont, WY | Mar 16, 2016

Had never believed in going to the Chiropractor before seeing Dr. Zoe Loyd. After my very first visit, I was able to bend over without pain and put my shoes on. She relieved my lower back pain completely and was even able to get my ankle to have more movement after years of being told, I would not have much movement in there after having surgery on it as a teenager. She sees each patient as an individual with different needs. Highly recommend her to anyone having pain.

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