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Buffalo Chiropractic

At Buffalo Chiropractic Center, the one thing that special about Dr. Loyd is she will work on your individual needs... YOU! We’re here to help you solve your individual problems and individual needs and if we can’t help you will find someone who can. We treat YOU as whole person your spine as well as the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual YOU to give you the best possible outcome.


We work for YOU


If you want to reach your goals or need help figuring out what they are, we are here to help YOU! We believe with commitment you can reach your goals as fast and efficiently as possible as easily and effortlessly as possible. You’ll be up to see your progress very quickly.


Fill free to contact us about whatever problem you’re having. If you write in detail Dr. Loyd will be happy to reply to your email. Remember at Buffalo chiropractic we have a variety of things to offer you, so be sure and check the Certifications and Services sections of this website and get some ideas of what you think it is that you want to achieve and how you like to do it.




Letter from Dr. Loyd


Have you ever noticed that when you’re emotionally upset sometimes you feel physically sick?


Have you ever discovered that it’s all tied together somehow?


Figuring out where your roadblocks are on the number one way to move into the future.


Removing those roadblocks is something that I would love to help you do.


NLP is one of my passions because it’s changed my life. A lot of the things that people tend to struggle with our changing their habits for example. Trying to quit drinking, smoking, trying to quit emotional eating, and these things can be changed fairly easily and effortlessly with the right techniques.




Having the Body You Want


Having the body you want takes character takes a commitment.  Having the right tools to achieve your outcome should be number one question on your list!!


Have you ever tried to reach a goal over and over and again and have been unable to obtain the final outcome that you want?


 Have you worked tirelessly day in day out for weeks only to stop because you haven’t achieved in the satisfaction to keep moving?


Surprisingly enough for some people the tools are missing might be something very simple. For other people of the tool may be a little more complex. Knowing what the tools are that you need is valuable to help you achieve your goals. It’s kind of like having a cake with no icing got the cake no icing is okay if you need it although you may not get the total satisfaction without the icing.


Let me be the one to help you reach your goals and help you to reorganize your thoughts and make it easily and effortlessly that the icing on the cake.


I look forward to meeting you soon


- Dr. Zoe Loyd DC


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